Nitro Snowboards

« The importance of safety and awareness in the backcountry is one of the most overlooked factors when people go into the mountains. Through years of experiences of riding, hiking, filming and exploring mountains all over the world, I have witnessed how variable peoples backcountry knowledge, which is actually pretty terrifying when in the end you and your friends (the group you are with) lives depend on everyone's collective knowledge and awareness.

This is why I am more than hyped to see that Nitro is teaming up with ISTA (International Snow Training Academy) to help spread the message of safety, knowledge, and prevention of avalanche risks to snowboard enthusiasts around the whole world. I am also excited to get our team riders, filmers, photographers, reps, and everyone else into a class so they can refresh their memories and update their techniques because knowledge and awareness in the backcountry is and can be a true lifesaver.

So together with ISTA, we hope to increase the freedom, pleasure, and safety for all snowboard sports enthusiasts who enjoy being “OFFLINE" in the mountains with friends and family».

Knut Eliassen
International Marketing Manager / Nitro Snowboards